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Need help for Home Work: TRUSS Question
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Posted by: JSam

01/07/2005, 03:33:36

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Can somebody help me in figuring out a truss formula for an 8 joint hip truss.  First angle at R1 or joint A = 60 degrees.  Same with location R2 of joint E = 60 degrees.  Joint B,D, G are 45 degrees.  Joint C,F, H are 90 degrees.  I have labeled all joints with letters in clockwise rotation starting from R1.  I know all vertical forces have to equal zero and all horizontal forces have to equal zero.  I think I am getting stuck at the 60 degree part.  Also I have a 35kip load at joint B as well as a 40kip load acting through the center of truss, joint G.  I greatly appreciate any and all help.

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