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Shear Pin Question Question
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Posted by: Dennis1 ® Pi1319

01/07/2005, 11:54:42

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Does anyone know a good source for equations dealing with Shear pins under Torsional loading? I have a design application involving a solid and thick-walled hollow shaft.  The Solid shaft is inserted into the hollow shaft with a slip fit along the mating diameters.  A pin is then pressed through the wall of the hollow shaft and the solid shaft. During use, a torsional load is applied to the hollow shaft and is transmitted to the solid inner shaft by means of the shear pin.  I'm trying to calculate the stress in both shafts and in the bolt. My hand calculations using derived equations are greatly off from the FEA calculations I've run and I want to make to double check. Thanks Dennis

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Re: Shear Pin Question Smile
Re: Shear Pin Question -- Dennis1 Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: manulal ®

01/13/2005, 01:55:45

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hand calculations gives the average stress where as the FEA using various softwares tkes into account local stress concentration, stress distribution and factor of safety.

this may be the reason for the mentioned variation.


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