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Sliding two parts
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Posted by: Flemm ®

01/22/2005, 11:27:32

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I'm working with two interacting parts (most likely extruded aluminum profiles to be machined later on). The parts need to slide over each other using a grip/release solution or a solution that allows for sliding in only one direction, like "smart fish hooks"   The sliding needs to fullfill the recquirements explained on the link:


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Re: Sliding two parts
Re: Sliding two parts -- Flemm Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: syed-jaffer ®

01/23/2005, 08:36:35

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With friction between A & B nearing 0 and having some rachet system with-in the system you can have negative or positive movement of A along the y axis with reciprocating movement of B.

But I dont understand how A can resist and go along with B at the same time?

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