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Handling and storage of aluminium profiles Question
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Posted by: elifk ®

01/31/2005, 09:35:47

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Hi again,
There is some info about our existing handling and storage system. I would like to make improvements so I am waiting for your help.
Let me explain our existing system at first. ( you can see the photos in thisl url ). We are using gaskets for handling and storage.
In PICT0002 and PICT0003 workers are putting the profiles in the gasket and placing separators between layers. I think design of the gasket should be changed for easiness and speed, may be ( but I don’t know whether it works or not) sides of the gasket should be collapsible and the gaskets should fit in to the machine’s conveyors (where the workers transfer the profiles by hand from the gasket to the conveyor) in order to eliminate the transfer operation. You can see the transfer operation in Resim 005.
In PICT0004 profile storage can be seen. One of the disadvantage of this type of storage occurs when the profiles which are at the bottom is needed. The worker spend a lot of time to reach the needed profile, he has to make several displacements.

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