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Generator Frequency Drift Question
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Posted by: matin

02/09/2005, 02:18:37

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I have in my facility an ABC 950 KWe dual fuel engine the governor installed is hienzmann whats happening is that is that the generator frequency increases to 51.50 hz on its own at all load positions we try to reduce the speed of the engine but after some time it again increases to the same value i cant understand why and niether does the manufacturer can any body suggest some thing

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Re: Generator Frequency Drift
Re: Generator Frequency Drift -- matin Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
02/09/2005, 21:06:06

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Does this a mechanical governor?
It sounds like linkage hang-up to me. If it gets a demand for highter power then for less power and does not reduce fuel input enough, (due to hanging linkages or worn pivot bushings) it will result in an increased RPM. The reverse could be true, it could cause a reduced RPM. ...or it could hunt up and down in RPM as it fights slack or binding linkages.

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Re: Generator Frequency Drift Question
Re: Re: Generator Frequency Drift -- randykimball Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: matin

02/11/2005, 09:36:26

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No it has an electronic governor hienzman and all the linkages are ok and there is no problem of hunting but the when the frequency increase it doesnot go down it get stuck at 51.50 hz and moves up and down 1 percent as the load changes as if it looks like the governor seems to work at 50 hz but actualy working at 51.50 hz

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