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Spur Gear Design
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Posted by: rbelser

03/02/2005, 14:41:02

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I need help. We have a spur gear application driving a delrin rack that is failing in the field. Technical Info: 16 DP, 12 teeth, pressure angle 20 degrees, AGMA Quality 8, Pitch Diameter .75, .75 inch face, .375 bore, material 1045, impact full reverse loading to 30,000 cylce life at 90 in-lbs, outdoor mobile application.

What is the best method for attaching this spur gear to a steel shaft to assure that it won't fail or come off in the application.



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Re: Spur Gear Design
Re: Spur Gear Design -- rbelser Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: zekeman

03/16/2005, 08:15:36

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You can't get help with the limited info you give.
You have to specify:
mass of the rack mechanism
speed of same
stopping method
type of failure on gear or rack. If on gear, then what cond is rack in.
This will give the reader some idea of the impact load so that a design or suggestions will be possible.

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