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Building a drawbridge ramp for wheelchair Smile
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Posted by: gofast

05/16/2005, 20:50:22

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I am designing a drawbridge ramp for a friend and I need some help so here's the design question. From the ground near the hinge point to the stationary pivot is 22 inches up. The swing ramp is 29 inches long and unfolded is 15 degrees past 90 degrees. I'm not sure where the attachment point on the ramp for the cable is but the length of the cable is 41 inches. It appears that from the mounting point on the ramp to the end of the ramp in about 5 inches. With all this my questions are, 1.) If I put 400 lbs. on the end of the ramp how much does the stationary pins see? 2.) After figuring the cable angle, is the angle ok to support the ramp without folding down further. And where do I get the formula to figure this out myself. Thanks for the help.

Modified by gofast at Mon, May 16, 2005, 23:55:24

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Re: Building a drawbridge ramp for wheelchair
Re: Building a drawbridge ramp for wheelchair -- gofast Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: zekeman

05/20/2005, 11:36:22

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Could you clarify your design a bit more. A drawing would be a good starting point.

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