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PTO pressure washer Smile
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Posted by: cholak

05/17/2005, 15:18:09

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I have an 88 Ford Super duty bucket truck. A Chelsea model 420XSE CXW5 XG runs the hydraulics for the bucket. Can I install a second PTO on the other side of the transmission to run a 4,000-5,000 PSI pressure washer pump.

Any hints tips or comments welcome. Thanks.

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Re: PTO pressure washer
Re: PTO pressure washer -- cholak Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: maytag

05/19/2005, 19:16:39

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Are you going to be using other hydraulic functions when running the washer? If not, I'd use the existing hydraulic system to power a hydraulic motor to run your pump for the washer. If you are intending on using the bucket and boom circuits I'd look at putting a belt drive hydraulic pump under the hood of your Super Duty-Northern (and other companies)sell some belt drive pumps that would probably be big enough. I think either one of these ways will be cheaper and easier than trying to add a 2nd PTO and seperate system. Maytag

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Re: PTO pressure washer Smile
Re: Re: PTO pressure washer -- maytag Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: cholak

05/20/2005, 09:07:59

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I had not thought of a Hydraulic motor (actually did not know they existed). The pressure washer pumps I have looked at require 25-30 HP, and the shaft needs to turn at 1700 RPM I believe. This is a 5000 PSI pump.
I do intend to be able to use the pressure washer from the bucket ie;both need to opertate concurrently.

Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

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