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pipe deflection Question
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Posted by: sblack

07/08/2005, 16:50:20

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Hey, I'm preforming an engineering internship for the summer break and have ran into a design problem. I'm building a rack system to layer 1" solid steel bars. I need 60 1" bars per layer with multiple layers. I want to use standard black pipe for layering, and the pipe will be supported on both ends. Each individual 1" bar weighs 14lbs. The reason for wanting to use black pipe is due to weight, because the opporator will lift and hinge the pipe to get to the next layer. My concern is will 1" standard schedule 40 bend due to this weight? Keep in mind that there are two pipes assembled parallel and the 1" bars are laid across them.


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Re: pipe deflection
Re: pipe deflection -- sblack Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: rusty105

07/11/2005, 08:17:25

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Assuming you would load the racks evenly, could you just do a simple beam deflection calculation (60x14)/2=420 lbs, evenly loaded along each bar, you can find the cross section of the pipe, and material properties, and plug them into the formula /beam_bending/beam_bending1.htm . Am I missing something??


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Re: pipe deflection
Re: Re: pipe deflection -- rusty105 Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: sblack

07/11/2005, 08:27:21

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I'm fairly new to the industry, this is actually my first related job. I'm still in school and haven't had "Strength of Materials" yet, but I did research deflection and wasn't sure if you could use the beam formula, just due to thinking of a beam as an "I-Beam". But your saying this is the right formula?


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