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please help me, conservation of energy questions Question
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Posted by: dizzyr ®

07/12/2005, 06:08:34

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please help-

A simple air gun, which stores energy by compression of a spring. When the trigger is pulled, this energy is used to compress a volume of air, which in turn fires a pellet.

The spring obeys Hooke’s law, and has a travel (from uncompressed to fully-compressed conditions) of 100mm. At maximum compression, the force needed to compress the spring is 250N.


1. What is the total energy stored in the spring?

2. What is the maximum velocity of a pellet of mass 0.015kg fired from the gun (assuming no loss of energy)?

3. If the gun is fired vertically upwards, what height will the bullet reach? (Ignore the effect of air resistance)

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Re: please help me, conservation of energy questions
Re: please help me, conservation of energy questions -- dizzyr Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: kvkmurty ®

07/12/2005, 17:18:40

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Are you taking any entrance exam ?
Is this a homework problem !!!

Anyway, you can find several fundamental problems of these kind in Resnick and Halliday - Fundamentals of Physics, H.C. Verma - Concepts of Physics or the physics book by Brijlal and Subrahmaniam.

Calculate 'k' from F and x. 0.5kx^2 is the energy stored in the spring.

Spring energy released = kinetic energy of the bullet, get v of the bullet.

For vertical firing, spring energy/kinetic energy of the bullet changes to potential energy, get h.

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