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Sheetmetal bend allowance formula with calculations
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Posted by: G.Manikandan

07/14/2005, 06:30:17

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Hi all,
I want sheetmetal bending allowance formula with calculations.I have read some books about sheetmeatl bend calcultions.Book is teelig more than 7 calculations are there.I need that 7 calculations which is cleraing sheetmetal bend calculations.

can you give clear 7 formula with examples?

Of course,I need different angle formula with calculations also,like more than 30 deg,45 deg,60 deg,75 this.

Please ,I am asking kindly you to give sheetmetal bend formula.

Hopefully , I can capture sheetmetal bend formula.

I shall be looking forward your early reply wtih kind interest.
I would appreiate all .

Thanks all,


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