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Elliptical Gears Question
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Posted by: skunkmilk

07/29/2005, 19:32:46

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I am currently working on a project in which i need to make a couple of elliptical gears work for demonstration purposes only, significant amounts of power do not need to be tranmitted. My question is about the ratios of major and minor diamenters of the ellipse itself. ive tried to construct these things as a solid ellipse with no teeth on it yet, in solid works and cant seem to get them to maintain contact for a full revolution. My center distances are taken from 0.5 major diameter and 0.5 minor diameter plus about .050. I have looked elsewhere on the web and have found some formulas that relate to angular displacement, but nothing that makes sense in terms of a ratio for the ellipse, could it be a spline? does it have to be a spline in order to work?? Thanks in advance for any help that any of you can offer.

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Re: Elliptical Gears Smile
Re: Elliptical Gears -- skunkmilk Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Gary Kemp

07/31/2005, 09:51:33

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There are a lot of companies that make elliptical and non-round gears. You may be able to buy a stock set that will serve your purpose. If you look at the literature some of the gear companies provide on the subject and study some of the animations and geometric descriptions that are out there you may have a clearer view of how to approach the problem.

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