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Compressed Air Velocity
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Posted by: Mike Air

08/04/2005, 22:43:27

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I am having trouble understanding the importance/relevance of air velocity in a pipe system. What affect will it have on the users? and why??

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Re: Compressed Air Velocity
Re: Compressed Air Velocity -- Mike Air Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
08/04/2005, 23:50:44

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There are several issues, the one that is easiest to understand is that velocity equals a pressure drop.

Simply, if you have 100 PSI of air and you use a large amount of volume through a small pipe or hose, you will not have much PSI at the outlet while the air is being used in large amounts. If you are driving a large air cylinder with such an action the cylinder will not have full lifting strength until the air moving in the hose or pipe comes to a stop. This means the cylinder can't do its full power task until after a lag at the end of the power stroke while it waits to get enough air to again reach 100 PSI inside the cylinder.

It is a bit like filling one of those common portable air tanks. You have to wait for the tank to reach the supply PSI, and you can watch it happen on the gauge while waiting. If you ever tried to fill one at one of those little compressor units at the modern gas station where you pay with a coin, you were there for several minutes....watching the gauge slowly climb, ... a perfect example.

So as you can see, it does affect and effect on end users.

A larger supply pipe or hose makes this happen more quickly, but as the supply tubing enlarges so does the cost of the set-up. ... and it goes much deeper.


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