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steping motor - ask for help Question
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Posted by: HananL

08/26/2005, 06:33:21

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I want to connect a stepping motor in my circuit.
I am not familier with steping motors.
can you please explain (or give good links) how to connect the motor to the power supply and to a switch or a control board.
i know i need to connect it through 4 transistors, but don't know why.
do you have links or explanations of how to connect several motors into one control board, or a joystick?
hopefully after i'll learn all that, i'll probably want to connect it to labview. labview i'll manage, but someone have links/explanations - what i need / how i connect the control board i built before to the computer?
if i'll have a 1/100 degree resolutions, it might take lot's of time to shift from 0 degree to 100 degree.
One solution is to build a feedback. I don't know how, can you help?
Another solution will be to control the speed of the motor, can you help with that?
Thanks a lot!

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