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Modify a Freezer?
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Posted by: Worms

10/05/2005, 22:32:43

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I am in need of a Water chiller, and am hoping a Box Freezer can be modified to do the job.
The water needs to be kept at 68degF(20degC).
If the thermostat was replaced, do you think it would be a practical solution?

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Re: Modify a Freezer?
Re: Modify a Freezer? -- Worms Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: cragyon
10/06/2005, 08:39:10

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Yes, I did somthing simular years ago with a box freezer. I had to seal a couple of seams using non-toxic silicone to prevent leaks. I was actualy cooling the liquid to 52 degress F. I fit in a thermostat which cut off and on the electrical power to control the temperature. The themostat was mounted on the outside of the unit. I beleive I bought the thermostat from Graingers. I also put in a timer to ensure that the power was off for at least five minutes. This helped to prevent damage to the freezer compressor while trying to start with a head pressure and creating a over current condition. To get the water in and out, I simply drilled a hole in the top lid and used a flexable nylon tube. You will want a filter as well. Was not pretty, however it worked wonderfull. My freezer did take over night to cool the water at first.

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Re: Modify a Freezer? Agree
Re: Re: Modify a Freezer? -- cragyon Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Worms

10/07/2005, 00:40:25

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Excellent, I had figured it would work but was not sure.
Thanks, you have helped me greatly.

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