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Posted by: StrikeFighter

10/12/2005, 15:25:12

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I'm working on reverse engineering a roller that is basically a small stell shaft with two nylon cylinders pressed on the end. I wondering what type of tolerancing you would recommend to acheive the desired fit.

I'm familiar with dowel pin tolerancing but I don't think I need tolerances that tight. Due to the nature of the design there is no danger in the rollers coming off the shaft. I just need a nice snug fit to prevent slippage.

The shaft has a diameter of 2 mm (yes the original design was metric). What diameter would you recommend for the hole and what kind of tolerances do I need. I'm looking for something that won't get me too much grief form my supplier but still be a nice snug fit.

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Re: Press/Slip Fit
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Posted by: tegan

11/02/2005, 08:20:13

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Use a Locational Interference fit hole 1.984/1.994 shaft 1.994/2.000 fit .000 -.016

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