MIM 17-4PH Sintering Question Sad
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Posted by: uwodeo

11/02/2005, 15:40:21

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The debound 17-4PH samples were sintered in the H2+N2 blending atmosphere(about 50%H+50%N). For the furnace limitation, I set the temperature profile as 6C/min to 900C, holding 5h (For burning off remaining binders), then 1C/min to 1050C, holding 5h,then cooling down at 3C/min to RT. (This profile was just designed for my stupid furnace!) The problem is the weight of the samples always increase during this process(5-7wt.%) and cracks appeared every time. I tried pure iron powder under the same condition, results showed no oxygen was introduced during the process. However, when sintered in vacuum, the samples weight lost about 1% and good properties were achived. Anyone can give some information?
Also, any good idea for controlling the contamination caused by the final binder burning during sintering, especially in vacuum furnace? Thank you very much!

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