How to test deluge system ? Question
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Posted by: bom

11/15/2005, 04:14:00

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Dear Sir

I'm contacting you as I have visit your site on the internet and it might be that you could help or guide me to solve the problems mentioned below.

I'm dealing with a "deluge" system (dry fire water sprinkler system) on a platform in the North Sea. We test the system each 6 month in order to verify if any of the spray nozzles are blocked. This initiates 2 problems.

1) The test is carried out by using sea water which increase the corrosion in the piping system and thereby also increase the possibility for blockage of the nozzles.

2) The water deluged over the equipment damage some of our electrical systems.

My wish is to extend the test period (ex. each 2nd year) but this will not be granted by the authorities unless I can prove that the system is reliable. I'm searching for idea how to test the system without using water, i.e. is there any other opportunities on the marked where it will be possible to test the nozzles for blockage (foam, smoke, air etc.)

I hope that you have dealed with the above-mentioned before and have some sort of recommendation or solutions.

With best regards
Bo Michelsen

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