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Posted by: pejaghazali

11/24/2005, 03:06:51

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guys, i had a problem with my High Temperature Heat Exchanger (HTHE) which is using for my chiller. from the chiller manufacturer, they used a plate exchanger for the heat transfer between High Concentration Lithium Bromide (64%, 145'C) and Diluted Concentration Lithium Bromide (56%, 38'C). after several times had leaking problem due to vapour lock in the HTHE, our manufacturer had advised us to change with their new design. in their new design, they had proposed to use soldering technique (2 steel plate compressed with copper at high temp.) instead of welding process. based on my experience, the soldering technique is less strength compare with welding. hope ur kind advise on this matter. thank you. faizal

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