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Posted by: NDR ®

11/29/2005, 15:33:41

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hello everbody

in cautting processes, the usage of coolants has a lot of advantafes as we all know..
like reducing friction , temperature, tool wearing & power required..
increasing tool life, washing away dust.. etc.

but i was told to be careful using coolants..
and that using a coolant is not always favoured..
sometimes we shouldnt use them...

my question is: When???
& why??

thanks in advance

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Re: COOLANT USAGE -- NDR Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Jack Anderson ®

11/30/2005, 17:34:39

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Dear NDR,
My experience, when to, and not, is. You normally do not use coolant when using carbide insert cutters, as the carbine does not like the temperature changing from hot to cold. And normally the inserts are designed to have a chip breaker, that is for evacuation of material, that removes the cutting heat with the chip, that would normally be helped by the flooding of the coolant. I did in fact think of an idea a while back that was to have chilled coolant, but it became a big domestic dispute and a fight with employer’s and everyone want sole rights, it always becomes a big hassle that everyone wants to steal ideas and try to lean on inventors, that people have really pissed me off to to point of why bother. It seems that women are on their move to try to take everything from men. I have been through three divorces, and now women are try other tactics to try to steal ideas, by trying to entice with looks, and then turn on you. I gave the idea to my first wife and that wasn’t enough, and a bunch of companies also tried to leaning on me, as to wanting sole rights to manufacture systems. Have enjoyment in your job, then they will be trying to take that also.

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