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Posted by: NDR BaTaTa, BaTaTa

12/11/2005, 18:01:07

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help plz

i need an answer..

what are the main factors affecting machinability???
from the most to least important..


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Re: HELP -- NDR Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
12/11/2005, 20:41:09

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Again, I'm sorry but this a lengthy answer with many aspects to consider. A proper answer would take hours to compose. If you are looking for a simple answer, in no order:

How much lead the material contains.
How much chromium it contains.
How much nickel it contains.
To what heat treat condition the material is in.
How much copper the material contains.
How much carbon the material contains.

Volumes have been written on this subject and I can't put any of the above in any order because they all effect the overall results.

Of the properties... in no order.

Tensile as it effects ship control
Work hardenability

These all are effected by the material's chemical make-up.

The last three questions you have ask would have no problem filling a book the size of the Machinery's Handbook. Are these questions from a test you are taking? If you are taking a course in machine shop practices you may want to read the suggested reading material. If not there should be some good books on the subject you could read. As much as we want to help, I'm afraid such answers are just not in the scope of a forum such as this. Perhaps someone would like to contact you off line and provide the names of some good books or offer additional tutoring on the subject.

However if you wish to ask questions that can be answered in a few lines, speaking for myself, I know I would be most happy to do our best to answer them, as I find the time.

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