sand casting high chrome alloy
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Posted by: liquid-steel

12/20/2005, 00:23:45

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hi there
i am expecting a good discussion on the query i have right now in my company. we are trying to develop a foundry shop in order to cast high chrome alloy into grinding media ball (Cr: 13-18%, C: 1.8-3.2%).
we are setting up green sand mold arrangement and induction melting. we have planned also to cast products of stainless steel, Al, Brass and cast iron at the time there wouldnt be high chrome casting (i.e. in the idle time).
Some engineers are protesting that the arrangement for high chrome alloy is not suitable for casting other metals. they indicated that the sand used for high chrome alloy will no more be suitable for other castings.
Well some engineers commented that somehow things could be managed.

Could I please have some thoughtful discussion here about this so I might be able to clear myself. Thanks.

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