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Posted by: lkms99

01/06/2006, 08:11:09

Seems like an easy one. I was looking for a table that listed standard tool clearances (outside dimensions of the socket) for sockets used for nuts and hex head screws. Would be nice if it had it for english as well as metric hardware.

I had a nice chart at my old job but when I left I didn't take it with me ... now I can't find it any place on the web.


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Re: Tool clearance
: Tool clearance -- lkms99
Posted by: ChrisMEngr

01/07/2006, 22:33:01

Not sure if it will have exactly what you need, but check out the Machinery's Handbook 27ed. They have a section on wrench and socket clearances. Let me know if you need more information on the book.

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Re: Tool clearance
: Tool clearance -- lkms99
Posted by: Kelly_Bramble

01/07/2006, 17:25:17

All we have on Engineers Edge is the following /wrench_clearance.htm. I have some tool clearance specifications I plan to publish soon.

Do you have a socket set? measure the chosen size and add about .040 extra clearance.

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: Re: Tool clearance
: Re: Tool clearance -- Kelly_Bramble
Posted by: rmunroe238

04/28/2009, 20:10:13

Did you ever post the socket diameters?

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