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Posted by: wolf1_o

01/09/2006, 05:48:27

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I have an application of a small spindle supported by two spindle bearings (small).
The spindle rotates at speeds between 30000-40000 RPM.
I'm debating on the material type of the housing for this application.
The ambient temp. around the application is about 120-140 C, so most of the heat isn't generated from the bearings themselves.
Shall i use the 15-5/17-4ph kind metals, or an 4340,hardened and coated for example?the main issue i think is to have a material with a similar CTE(Alpha) to the bearing's ring(which is 52100,typical)
Will be glad to hear opinion on this matter.

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Re: Bearing housing material selection
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Posted by: randykimball
01/09/2006, 23:29:34

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In my experience 4340 is easier to work with than 15-5 or 17-4.

However, for a high temp situation 15-5 is amazing.

I once worked on some blast pannels for the Patriot Missile Launcher. They were made of 15-5PH. One panel was not constrained properly during heat treat. We fooled around with it as a sacrifice piece to see if it could be forced to lay flat when relaxed, and what it could stand stress wise. This part would not lay flat by about .1 in 2 feet. To shorten the story, we bent it into a "U" shape and it returned back to the memory state with almost zero change, ... it was amazing. The CMM machine showed less than .01 change after several bends. If I could remember the heat treat specs I would relate them to you, but I can not recall them. I do remember that on 15-5 the grain direction is important.

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