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Posted by: alligatorashok

01/14/2006, 23:31:39

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I am looking for some information so that I know if I can roll a Aluminum I beam. Well I know I can roll it, I just want to know the smallest radius over a 90deg arc I can roll.

I dont want to spend time and money doing it by trial and error method.

I want to be able to roll it both the hard way and easyway.

Ahh for got to tell. I was looking if there is some engineering theory which gives you some insight into the topic.

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Re: Rolling I beam, Hardway and Easyway
Re: Rolling I beam, Hardway and Easyway -- alligatorashok Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
01/15/2006, 10:00:15

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You do not want to spend money using trial and error, but you want to do it both the easiest and the hardest way?

The only way I know is in a roller machine with rollers designed to fit the extrusion. As for the radius it depends on the choice of Aluminum alloys, cross section, heat treat, width of the webs, kind of Roller machine, and don't forget the skill of the operator.

To get a true radius you must either sacrifice material at each end of the radius or have a very skilled operator that knows how to work the material back and forth using the wedges. Even then with an I or H shape it is likely you will have some distorted shape and the ends of the radius without having to sacrifice some material at each end. Unless you are applying the radius to a length of straight. Then you can get fairly close. The aluminum needs to be in the low T's to allow shaping then if you want to retain the form you will need to heat treat it.

This is a skilled craft and art form. If you "farm it out" the method no longer is your concern, if you want to do it "in house", there is no way you are going to get there without some "trial and error" learning curve.

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