grease for open gear system Question
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Posted by: ronene

01/18/2006, 10:43:26

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My name is Ronen and I am a mechanical engineer at hp-indigo Israel.

I have to choose and test appropriate grease for an open gear system that we have

My questions are:

1.what kind of tests are usually done to check the matching of grease to the gear system?

2. Do you have any recommendations for grease type?

My system specifications are:


Module 2

Diameter 340mm

120 rpm

Beta- 20 deg

Alpha- 20 deg

The gears are made of steel:

SAE :4340,4140,3115 (8260,9310 optional)

The system temp. is aprrox 100deg celsius

and should be durable to chemicals

thanks for your attention



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