Radiator Surgetank
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Posted by: NC

02/06/2006, 15:42:40

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What and how to determines the volume (size) of the surgetank? For example, given an engine and a radiator, how do you arrive at the surgetank volume? Alternatively, if given the volume of a surgetank, how do I know if it's good or big enough for my system?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Radiator Surgetank
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Posted by: zekeman

02/09/2006, 13:23:27

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Add the cooling jacket volume to the radiator volume and look up the thermal expansion coefficient of the coolant and the total possible change of temperature the fluid will experience, say from 0 F deg to 250 F deg . Then you have
exp volume=V*a*(th-tl)
V=total volume
a= expansin coefficient(lookup in tables)
th= high value of temp
tl= low value of temp

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