U-Notch and V-nothed defect (Tensile Test) Question
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Posted by: amirul_r ®

03/02/2006, 00:44:55

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I am doing my final year project entitle “Effect of Notch & Notched like Defect on Structure”.
I’m planning to do tensile testing by using INSTRON machine for the project.

Problem Definitions
New tensile testing is proposed in studying the strength of aluminum proposed Aluminum 6610. The specimen constructed in notch shape i.e. V-shape or U-shape.The material going to be tested until it breaks or elongate. An experimental model will be developed to predict the fatigue life of the specimen.
Background Study
Properties and the strength of the specimen will be put under study and new outcome is expected at the end of this project. Data obtained will be compared with the original specimen (without noth).
Project Objectives and Scopes
To study properties of aluminum or stainless steel alloys
To test properties of aluminum or stainless steel alloys under tensile test
To evaluate the stress strain curve tabulated from tensile test
To come out with new characteristics of aluminum

Anyone with url @ any reference for this kind of structure analysis, hope can reply to me ASAP.
From my analysis, V- Notch will fail first in the tesnile. Can anyone provide me infos on the structure analysis, as I'm going to discuss bout the fracture using microstructure analysis.

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