Trailer frame strength
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Posted by: b737gary

03/04/2006, 13:36:16

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I have a travel trailer with a 6" I beam frame(.125" Steel with 2" flanges). I would like to put a cargo carrier on the bumper with a max load of 500lbs. I know how to build a mount that is stronger than dirt, but... how much weight will this size I beam hold? The weight will be cantilevered out approx 36" from the end of the trailer frame. My concern is that the I beam might buckle. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, gary

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Re: Trailer frame strength
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Posted by: randykimball
03/05/2006, 15:22:19

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Is this a tongue pull or a 5th wheel?
Allow me to explain. I once had a 29' travel trailer that was tongue pulled. We added a section about 24" wide to the rear bumper. On this area I built a rack and stacked four racing road bikes and a stack of spare wheels. In the center I built on a generator. ... We traveled many places with the rig racing and riding bicycles. Then one day just a few miles north of home, it happened. It was a warm sticky day, the temperature dropped quickly as we left (can't happen without wind shear). Unexpected wind shear caught us blew the rear of the trailer off the road and when the wheels gripped dirt (wideways) it flipped the trailer and it fliped the truck. Had I not added the additional rear counter balance, it may not of flipped. ..... So PLEASE think this through. If you are having ANY tricky times pulling the trailer you are going to seriously multiply the problem. Just because a truck is rated to pull a certain weight of trailer does not mean it can control it in a tough situation... Take my word for it, I had pulled rigs thousands of miles in all kinds of weather and land scapes, including the worst passes of Colorado. ... FYI, I now own a 25,000 lb coach! I learned my lesson. With a 5th wheel and a heavy truck you may be able to do this, I DO NOT recommend it with a tongue pulled trailer!.... PERIOD!


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Re: Trailer frame strength
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Posted by: b737gary

03/06/2006, 12:48:12

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Thanks for the input Randy. You bring up a very valid point regarding trailer tongue weight affecting the handling. My big
question is how much weight the i beam can support in a cantilever set up. thanx again for reponding. GARY

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