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Piston Ring Condition Question
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Posted by: matin

05/20/2006, 11:14:23

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We have in our facility Wartsila SW18 V38 rated at 11350 KW,without dismantling is there any way of determining the condition of piston rings as the blowthrough has increased ,centrifugal filters are producing a thick layer of carbon everyday the oil consumption has doubled all these indicates rings need to be replaced but which unit actually there are 18 pistons in V allignment.Any ways to do that????????????????

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Re: Piston Ring Condition
Re: Piston Ring Condition -- matin Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
05/20/2006, 15:45:29

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Try a static compression test per cylinder while checking for any leakage via the valves.. any other leakage is out the rings.

If this engine has unit injectors you can apply testing pressure using an adaptor made from an expired injector unit.

Injectors that are supplied compressed fuel through a tube will allow you to apply testing presure through a tube made to replace the supply fuel with an adapted injector IF the injector injects fuel directly into the cumbustion chamber.

On other engines you will need to figure out a way to apply a static pressure test per cylinder...


Dynamic compression checks (With engine running) are useful to determine the overall condition of the cumbustion chamber... but many engines do not have a place with which to get results... (IE..No spark plug hole) ... leaking rings or valves.... it is the same results... a repair.

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