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Plastic injection-molded closure
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Posted by: Juan Crawford

05/23/2006, 22:10:38

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I would like to design a sealed closure round a circular hole, in which one part can be rotated relative to the other, and which can be easily assembled. What I have in mind is something like the non-child-resistant caps used on pill bottles, which snap on and off quite easily, yet are injection molded with no problems regarding draft. All the material I can find on snap fits refers to cantilever-type snaps, and which do not seal. Any comments will be appreciated

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Re: Plastic injection-molded closure
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Posted by: Kelly_Bramble Administrator

05/25/2006, 08:10:30

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I'm looking at a pill bottle right now. My pill bottle has a tapered top which interfaces with a inner cicle ring. The locking mechanisim is a detent rotational type. The sealing is done by the drafted surface onto the semi-flexable thin inner ring. This is realy a morse taper type of seal. I doubt my pill bottle could withstand under water.

Plastics are quite pliable. This is an internal ring bending outward calculation.

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