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Pad eye mounting Question
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Posted by: Sky
06/13/2006, 04:12:55

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I am attempting to certify Pad eye remedial works on both 2500kg
gross weight offshore freight containers and 1500kg/1000kg gross weight lifting baskets. The containers and baskets were manufactured in Asia to BS EN 12079 1999,and after one of the pad eyes failed in use the client ordered removal and refitting of all pad eyes. The problem I have is this. The material being used is 1 inch plate for the pad eye and the corner mount, but the material it is being welded to is 5mm box steel. I can't get my head around the fact that as I see it the entire weight of the loaded container or basket is being placed on a fillet weld connecting the 1 inch pad eye base to the upright 5mm box section.
I am not an engineer but this design to me is flawed, any ideas?

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