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Engineering Ruler/Scale
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Posted by: petey

06/14/2006, 20:21:28

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I am verifying some plot plans and designs. They stated it is completed on an Engineering Triangular ruler scale 1"-50'. I don't know how to read the ruler and cannot find any information that explains this. Can you direct me to a website where I can get this information. P.S. It is not an Architect scale....

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Re: Engineering Ruler/Scale
Re: Engineering Ruler/Scale -- petey Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: swearingen

06/15/2006, 09:04:31

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You can use a regular ruler and just multiply by 50. If you read 1 3/8", then the actual dimension is 1.375*50 = 68'-9".

If you get an engineer's scale, turn it to the marks that have a 50 at one end. Line it up with what you want to measure and read the number. If you line it up with my example before, you would see that it would correspond to just under 69' (the marks will be pretty close together, so getting a resolution of 3" is next to impossible).

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