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Journal Bearing Loads Angry
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Posted by: mech designer

06/19/2006, 09:15:17

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For the life of me, I cannot think of how I can measure the loads exhibited inside our machines at the journal bearing location. We are to do some FEA analysis, however without the loads, the analysis is impossible to do.

To give you alittle background, the current design works great, however with recent raw material cost skyrocketing, we are exploring new materials for our journal bearing housing. The bearing is flooded with water, not oil, and I need to figure out how I could possibly measure the forces exhibited by the gearmotor so I can decide what new material will be durable, and save some money.

I have been searching the net for any ideas but so far i have been coming up empty. Please let me knwo if anyone has done anything like this in the past, or knows of a way to measure the loads of a submerged Journal Bearing.

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