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Metal on Metal Valve Seal
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Posted by: av7

07/17/2006, 10:56:18

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Im working on a senior project for an engineering class, and I'm trying to use a stainless steel ball in a metal seat for the seal. The valve flows air, but for durability I wanted to use the metal on metal seal. I can't get it to be air tight though. I've tried countersinking a cone shape and having the ball sit in the cone. I've tried hitting the ball with a hammer to get the indent of the sphere shape in the (softer) seat metal. I've tried 400 grit lapping compound. None of this has sealed it are tight. I'm getting a leak rate of almost .5 liters a minute or more. I know that metal on metal seals are used in carburetors and other common places, so it shouldn't be this hard should it? What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Metal on Metal Valve Seal
Re: Metal on Metal Valve Seal -- av7 Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: Kelly Bramble

07/17/2006, 22:26:20

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The ball surface variations are going to have to be matched to the seat surface to about a circularity of .003. Additionally, your going to require some static force (spring) to ensure the ball is seated against the seat. You might try some lapping compound like used on engine intake and exhaust valves to match the surfaces.

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