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bill of materials template for Microsoft Access Question
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Posted by: engineer-contract
09/05/2006, 17:03:11

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If you have a good free downloadable Microsoft Access template for a bill of materials database, please provide the URL or a copy of the file. I would prefer something that already had a report created for intentured parts list format. I am tired of using Microsoft Excel to manually input data into indentured parts list format. Even an Access table as simple as part number, part name, used on part number, used on quantity, and associated notes with some populated fake data would help. A URL of step-by-step instructions for creating my own simple database table and report would be helpful if no downloads are available. I cannot seem to find the a Micrsoft Access tutorial that works for me. I found one reference file named BOM at http://www.mvps(DOT)org/access/resources/downloads.htm but was unable to get tables linked.

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