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Basketball Returner/Motors
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Posted by: CCHSbasketballgroup

10/05/2006, 13:59:07

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My name is Kyle Dwyer and I am a highschool student involved in an Engineering Design & Development class. My group's project is to design a basketball returner that will rotate automatically to the player shooting the ball. This design is intended for players practing by themselves, allowing them to work on their shooting ability more efficiently.There was a basketball returner patented that rotated manually, but not automatically. With this design, the basketball returner will have to rotate somehow about the rim to accomodate shots made at any angle.
Here is an example of a basketball returner http://www.jumpusa(DOT)com/ballreturn1.jpg

I've been researching types of motors we can use to rotate the basketball scooper,if anyone has a recommendation on a specific kind of AC motor that may be appropriate for our design, feel free to reply. Thanks

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