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Part Numbering / Material Numbers
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Posted by: eemann

11/02/2006, 14:35:54

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New to Forum. Does anyone have a simplified way of assigning part numbers to different materials compositions, which would be of different size? We need to come up with a material code which can put it all together. Material type and size. We deal with everything from plastics, to alloy steels, to structual steel and beyond. Any input would be great! Looked at UNS, but it only covers steel, no plastics.

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Re: Part Numbering / Material Numbers
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Posted by: randykimball
11/02/2006, 17:00:13

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1. Assume or pretend you are going to be a big company. (this way if you become one you will not have created a monster that can not adapt and therefore will not have to start over.

2. Figure out a number system that will easily adapt to bar coding. You will be happy you did, when you do.

3. Keep it simple. Keep it simple. Keep it simple.

For example: (...making this up from the sky... so be forgiving)


the break down (a possible breakdown)
1 = plastic
9 = polyurethane
BK = black
2x2x12 = shape in inches
29 = vendor it is/was purchased from ( a vendor list should be available with all vital information, and all PO's written to that vendor complete with prices)
315 = bin #

Set up an application or spread sheet with a quick chart to ref. the values of each section. Make it easy to read and post it in real world color on hard copy paper right in front of each data entry station operator.

If you write an application in some development software system, you should be able to simply press a soft button and it should prompt you for a response to drop down lists, then creat the new part number and add it to the inventory along with the amount of stock to be added to the inventory. These are not difficult applications to write. The added advantage is you can write it to keep track of the inventory. If you add in the bar code system you can go to the stock room and pull out materials and read the code off the bin tag with a remote unit and enter in the amount pulled on the spot. Then later download the day's pulls, ... or some remote units do it wireless on the spot. Now your inventory is current, doesn't need labor intensive counts, and you can even auto reorder when a minimum stock volumn is reached. .. Or have the back-up brougnt to the pay-out stock from the main warehouse and reorder to restock the main warehouse. .. and more...
These must not be hard to write, I've written a few.

The worst suggestion of your lifetime may be the catalyst to the grandest idea of the century, never let suggestions go unsaid nor fail to listen to them.

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