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Compressive yield strength of 4140 versus A2 tool steel hardened to RC 55-60 Question
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Posted by: john2003

12/14/2006, 20:41:15

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any data on the compressive yield strength of 4140 & A2 tool steel hardened to both 55 & 60 RC ? Perhaps there is a chart out there but I have not been able to find anything, especially with regards to 4140. I would suspect the A2 is higher, but I would like to compare them.

A chart showing compressive yield strength of various steels at
different hardnesses would be helpful. Any links or web sites you could refer me to would be helpful. I already tried matweb. I'm also interested in comparing S5 & S7 tool steel at the same two hardnesses.

I would like to find a cam material that has a compressive yield
strength of at least 260,000 PSI after heat treatment. My maximum Hertz contact stress between the cam and cam-follower roller is about 260,000 PSI. The cam rotates very slow, manually by hand, & as such, I think the application could be considered static. It will not operate for millions of cycles, it will be more like thousands over the course of 5 or 10 years.

I think Timoshenko's book on the strength of materials suggests that hardened steel can handle Hertz contact stresses of over 450,000 PSI in static applications owing to the fact that at the center of the ellipse of contact, the material is compressed not only in the direction of the force but also in the lateral direction. I don't think it mentioned what type of steel or how hard. I do not presently have a copy of the book.

doesn't most steel hardened to 55RC have a tensile strength of about 300,000 PSI ? Considering the comments of Timoshenko about static applications, perhaps 4140 at 55RC will work OK.

I would appreciate any feedback.


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