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Posted by: lindalu

01/01/2007, 18:05:36

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I have an attic that is 22' high in center from floor to ceiling with a floor area measuring 20' x 20'. The area is spanned by a 6"x6" beam 10' up from floor level in the middle of the room and the 6'x6' beam runs parallel to the floor joists in the room, much like a single collar beam in the middle of the room half way up. I wish to build a loft 10' from floor level half the floor area, in other words the loft area will be 20'x10' flooring with the remaining 20'x10' open. I wish to use wood engineered I-beams running parallel to the existing 6"x6" beam. Lowe's sells such I-beams with the following dimensions 2-5/16"x16"x22' and I wish to know if I can span the room with such I-beams unsupported from below and what the required spacing would be for a uniform load which would basically be flooring, a bed, chair and possibly a small desk. Thank you and any websites for specifications which could be helpful.

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