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Calculating flow (GPM) and pressure loss (PSI) through Pipe?
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Posted by: BP1980

01/10/2007, 05:58:35

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I searched the forum and could not find a finished solution. What I have is a pump rated at 370 GPM and 146 FT. of head. This pump will feed a manifold (3"x3" rolled sq. tubing). The manifold feeds 10 spray bars(1" sch. 40 pipe), each spray bar has 22 each .562" holes. On each hole there is a spray nozzle attached that has a catalog rating of .9 GPM @ 40 PSI. or 1.2 GPM @ 60 PSI. I'm trying to figure out how to calculate this so I know wether I have enough capacity to feed all these nozzles with water. If anyone has an example that I can follow or let me know what the correct formulas are I would really appreciate it. I forgot to add that the holes in the spray bar are spaced 8 inches apart with the first and last being 2" from the end of the pipe.


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