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Steel I beam specification
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Posted by: gg947
01/31/2007, 01:16:42

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I'm currently building a homework shop, where i will be restoring cars. I would like to install 2x steel I beams that will span the length of the workshop 20 feet, they will be supported at each end by brick piers that sit on a reinforced concrete slab that is 25 mpa in strength. These beams will be used to lift car motors and car bodies and I would expect that there maximum load per beam would be 1600lbs.

These beams will also support the roof that will be constructed from clip lock zinc alum paneling fixed to a wooden frame consisting of 11 2inch x 4inch Oregon timber beams running across the width of the workshop 17.5 feet. The roof will also supported at each end via the brick walls of the work shop.

Could you please tell me what the specification of the I beam would be?

Regards Graham

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