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pitch circles in gears Question
Posted by: bobthedog

01/31/2007, 09:17:53

IN our text in the gearing section it has addendum is height of the tooth above the pitch circle. And dedendum is distance from bottom of tooth space to pitch circle. Now problem is what is the pitch circle?

Realating to pitch circle what is circular pitch and what is diametrical pitch. Heard they mean the same thing is that right?

Also what is safe working depth as in modules is like working depth that the surface of the tooth can be worked in ???



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Re: pitch circles in gears
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Posted by: randykimball
01/31/2007, 11:42:17

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The pitch diameter is the diameter at which the tooth of the gear is designed to make driving contact with the teeth on the mating gear.

Pitch diameter is circular pitch...
Diametrical pitch is the size of the tooth... (kind of like teeth per inch)

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