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Cold extrusion and Cold Drawn Question
Posted by: vijayguru

03/08/2007, 23:16:14

Does any of you can clarify me, what is the key diff. between the cold extrusion and cold drawn process, and how this processes affects the mechanical properties of final component. i.e. like strength, stiffness.....


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Re: Cold extrusion and Cold Drawn
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Posted by: randykimball
03/10/2007, 12:31:00

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for a short and simple understanding:

Think of extrusion when you push tooth paste from a tube. A profile of the exit hole is formed.

Think of drawn when you pull a hot string of cheese from a pizza slice. A longer portion of the material is formed from the main body by pulling. Although, this is usually done through a profiled opening.

Another way is to roll the material between pairs of tangent rollers each having a smaller shape between them to lengthen while adding shape to the material.

Generally in the above, the grains tend to end up in the long axis direction.

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