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balsa structure help!
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Posted by: pimpmaster

03/09/2007, 17:35:37

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hello. I have a project due for my physics class and i am suppose to build a structure out of balsa wood. The structure has to be a minimum of 8" tall and 4" wide. It also has to be able to come apart and fit into a 1" (height) by 6" by 6" weighing box and can not weigh more than 18 ounces. You have to be able to assemble the structure in class. It will be placed inside a pole and then a wooden base board will go on top of it. After that, the weights will began to get added. The person with the most weights gets the highest grade. In my case, first place gets an A, Second gets a B, third gets a C, fourth gets a D, and the rest get F's. Can anyone please help me out?

here is a like to better show what i am trying to describe:

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