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Centrifuge design...?
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Posted by: oldo_nicho

04/19/2007, 02:45:24

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Hi there,

I am a thesis student who is designing and building a small scale biodiesel making plant.
Basically I want to make a centrifuge to separate the biodiesel from the glycerine, but am finding it difficult to track down information on this topic.

Does anybody know a good resource of information on designing and making centrifuges?

Any websites that delve even slightly into the topic would be very useful.



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Re: Centrifuge design...?
Re: Centrifuge design...? -- oldo_nicho Post Reply Top of thread Forum
Posted by: randykimball
04/19/2007, 16:28:26

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Centrifuges can be used for enrichment of weapon grade nucular materials, so such information is controled in many cases.

Centrifuges useful for seperating out diesel fuels (etc) are on the market and can be pruchased. They require extreemly high RPM tapered bowls driven by increase speed drive trains, the RPM must be controled to provide for seperation for the various materials at specific levels in the bowl. It takes many prototypes to determin the real life amount of taper, RPM, size, height of rim, and a long list of other items. The ones that work have a long list of patents to protect all these hard to develop technologies. So.. it is not unexpected that you are finding this information hard to find.

We ran all our diesel through centrifuges in the US Navy, I would think the type we used would be on the market and would possibly be excellent at removing any kind of solids or jells out of biodiesel... BUT I have zero knowledge on the subject, I'm only commenting on the difficulty of getting information.

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