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What to do with my career!
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Posted by: Vedran

12/08/2002, 19:01:39

Hello everyone. I have stumbled upon this site while trying to research some information about civil and mechanical engineering.I will be finishing my last year of high school in about 7 months and I really need to consentrate on my future. So I have come here wondering if any of you would mind answearing a few questions about civil and mechanical engineering.First of, I want to know what exaclly can one do with a degree in mechanical engineering. What kinda jobs will I be able to obtain and what exaclly will I be doing. I know this question will be hard to answear since mechanical engineering is such a big area, but I just need some insight into what exally can one do with an mechanical engineering degree?Same question but with an civil engineering degree?Next I was wondering what I will be learning in University if I was to choose this route. How long is program to obtain an bachelor in engineering? 4 or 5 years?Here is my last question which is causeing me the most problems. To enter an engineering program in University of British Columbia I must obtain a 85% average. This is not a problem for any subjects I am currently taking except english! Math, Phyics, Chem I am getting over 85 %. So I was wondering how important is English in obtaining an engineering degree. Second if I am not able to go directly into university and take one year of college and transfer to university do i start in my second year or do i still have to do the 4 years in university!Thx you for your time!

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