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Thread: 2-3/8"-8 RD-EUE/NUE Pipe Thread? Anyone?

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    :bash: 2-3/8"-8 RD-EUE/NUE Pipe Thread? Anyone?

    Hey guys,

    Looking for any information on the pipe thread called out in the title. I've never heard of it and can't seem to find anything about it.

    All I know is that a customer involved in the Oil and Gas Industry has called it out.

    Thanks in advance for any insight into this. It's been a stumper.

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    I toured a plant of a company that makes threaded plastic caps, female and male, for the ends of pipes. He said that companies make up their own threads sometimes. He had a wall of ~5000 different pipe ends as go-no-go gages for threads other than NPT or BSPT. Might be a "one-of-a-kind" thread that only that company uses....?


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    I looked twice at the size.... 2-3/8". Sounded familiar...

    Sure enough, that is the O.D. of the tubing we use to make stanchions for telecom common systems environments.

    Back in the day, the phone companies used to make "adjustable" pipe stands to support the upper level ironwork in a central office. These pipe stands were used to support aux. channel and cable rack above the equipment racks that were secured to the floor. These early stands consisted of nothing more than a piece of 2" diameter, SCH 40 pipe, threaded on each end with a threaded cap on one end and a threaded flange on the other. To adjust the height of the stand, the early telco installation engineers would twist the pipe and cap to increase or decrease the overall height. Yeah, I know... this isn't a good thing to do with pipe thread as thread engagement diminishes as you lengthen stand. To alleviate this problem, our company, along with many others, developed pipe stands that feature section of 2-3/8" diameter 3/16" wall structural tubing welded to a 3/8" thick steel plate. This plate is drilled and tapped for mounting hardware and is used at the top of the pipe stand. The base is constructed of a sleeve of material, just slightly larger in diameter than the post, that the post slips into and then is held in place with set screws.

    There are some folks out there in the telecom world who insist on having a threaded flange on the base of this tubing, so to accommodate them, a thread size very similar to what you have mentioned is used.


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    My two cents worth: Can you imagine how you will feel when your customer tells you that you screwed up, and you have to tell him you got your information from an online forum? Not that this isn't a WONDERFUL place for all kinds of info. I'm just saying you should make sure you don't stop digging here. I've worked with screwy pipe threads for many years, and I've never heard of that specific type of callout. I would advise you to go back to your customer and ask him for a technical reference source. His response will tell you how important strict compliance is. If he's calling it out, he should be able to back it up. You don't have to challenge him though. He should be thankful that a vendor is so focused on providing absolute satisfaction to his customer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XLT_66 View Post
    Looking for any information on the pipe thread called out in the title. I've never heard of it and can't seem to find anything about it.
    You must "stump" easily. My first try returned this in 0.2 of a second

    EUE/NUE pipe thread

    First item...

    Surely that's gotta get you started.

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    Well ok, I have done lots of GD&T as well as DFM training in the petroleum industry. Here's what I know...

    EUE = External Upset Ends, forging of ends on (API) tubing and drill pipe to provide additional thickness for strengthening connections. The EUE refers to a casing or tubing connection in which the inside diameter remains constant, but the outside diameter is enlarged to accommodate the threaded connection.

    NUE = Non Upset End - OCTG tubing description?

    These are industry centric "Premium" API thread specifications. Make sure you get the right API industry specifications and also find somebody that has actually built or engineered these pipe threads...

    I don't believe these threads are unique or special btw (except outside of the petroleum industry).. Let us know what you find out..

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    EUE tubing thread type is it compatible with EU8RD

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