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Thread: Adding Graphics to Stainless Steel

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    Adding Graphics to Stainless Steel

    Hello everybody, first time poster here. I really need an expert opinion on adding colour/graphics to stainless steel sheet metal parts.

    I designed a pizza cutter from sheet steel which initially was supposed to be painted with enamel for the graphics. Everything seemed to be finished and the estimated cost was very reasonable but then when I sent the final design to the factory in China I was shocked at the actual cost. One of the reasons was that I had suggested enamel painting. Can anybody suggest a cheap, quick method of applying graphics to the product? Bear in mind it will need to be machine washable.

    Thank you very much in advance!
    pizza cutter graphic section.jpg

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    Hi Jonny,

    You could have the design laser-ed onto the stainless with an Nd-YAG laser. A CO2 laser will not do it. Then you can back-fill with epoxy paint which is going to be much more durable in a dishwasher than enamel paint. In fact I would be surprised if you could get a food-grade enamel paint.

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