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Thread: laser marking machine

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    march still

    laser marking machine

    I would like to mark many pieces at once.
    Someone help me please to choose the machine?

    Thank you

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    I'm sure someone can if you will give more information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by march still View Post
    I would like to mark many pieces at once.
    What materials are you trying to mark? A CO2 laser will generally not mark metal. For that you need an Nd-Yag and they are expensive.

    How many in total? There are different styles of marking heads. Some better for speed, some better for size.

    How many would you like to mark at a time?

    Add up the total area for as many as you want to mark at one time and then find a machine with that size Z-axis table. Generally the lower cost ($3,000 to $15,000) machines will be 18" x 24"

    Make a jig to hold everything in the correct position and pitch offsets.

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    If you search the internet for "laser marking equipment" one will find thousands of orgnizations with laser marking solutions.

    Automated and manual machines are available.

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    Yeah, its possible. Kelly has a point there, a lot of online store which sells that equipment. Just make sure it lasts long and is safety.

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